Why Us?

The reason you should choose Irish Property Sourcing for your Irish investment portfolio comes very simply down to one word – Independence.Limerick Property

We deal with some very intelligent, and often already pretty wealthy, clients. Most of them would be perfectly well able to source their own real estate opportunities in Ireland given the time and the inclination to do so. All you’ve got to do is call any estate agent in the country, they’ll happily sell you all the property you could wish for – and even call it investment grade for you if you wish.

Unfortunately, as is the case all over the world, Estate Agents are representing the seller, not the buyer, so the advice you’ll get from them is aimed at getting the desired result for their client – a sale – and not advice aimed at optimum investment conditions.

Don’t misunderstand us, we deal with estate agents on a daily basis and consider them to be a hard working and diligent group that have had to endure some very harsh market realities over the past number of years. They do, however, have to represent their clients to the best of their ability and most do this extremely well.

Research & Knowledge

Our job is to represent you – the investor. We are Irish citizens and know the country very well. Each week we wade through thousands of properties, consume newspapers and internet archives and regularly carry out on-site visits in search of opportunities that would make sense to us, and would therefore be worthy investment opportunities for our clients. We know what cities, towns and areas are worth considering for investment and which are probably best avoided. Ireland is a pretty small country (it has approximately the population of Greater Manchester) and, with a connection to a strong network of professionals we can generally find out all the information we need fairly quickly. Ireland is also small enough that you can get in your car and drive to virtually any opportunity on offer, to see it first hand, within a few hours at most.

Some of the problems you will currently find that are unique to Ireland at this point in time include, among others, over-inflated legacy rents from the boom period, occupiers without the necessary strength to hold a covenant, exceptionally low rents negotiated at the bottom of the crash and properties that have not been maintained to the necessary standards due to financial distress.

Why don’t we invest ourselves?

An age old question, if the opportunities are so good then why don’t we invest? The answer is we have and we still are, investing in Irish real estate opportunities. Like most investors we have finite resources, so we can’t invest in everything we see that we would like to. We also don’t want to stretch our resources beyond their limits, we’ve all seen where that has led in the past. We would consider ourselves relatively risk averse investors and this caution is brought to the advice we offer all our investment clients.

We advise on sound investments producing strong cashflow and with sustainable capital growth projections. We are not speculators and as such do not provide advice on development land or land banking opportunities. It is simply not our area of expertise. Our investments are, in the main, fully built and already have a track record of producing strong cashflow.

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