How It Works

The process of dealing with Irish Property Sourcing is pretty simple. shaking-hands-on-a-deal

1. You touch base with us and we discuss your criteria for investment.

3. If we feel there is sufficient scope to meet these criteria we arrange a meeting – usually, but not always, in Ireland. It generally depends on your knowledge of the country.

4. If all parties are happy we sign a contract to source product and you pay us an engagement fee which is refundable from the commission on your first investment. We present a check-list of  criteria which need to satisfied to purchase property in Ireland – these are not particularly onerous, mostly they are to do with EU anti money-laundering regulations.

5. If possible we like to take a few days to show you some of the cities and areas in which there is most potential, to give you a better feel for where opportunities may arise.

5. When a property or properties display enough potential we will embark on full due diligence and present you with a synopsis of the findings. There are costs associated with this process which we will discuss in full prior to proceeding.

6. When you are satisfied that the investment meets your criteria you purchase the asset. On signing we charge a commission – less your initial fee.

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